I began my career studying fine arts while simultaneously receiving a working education in technology: computer design, software development, and infrastructure management. Curiosity continued the journey, with further learning in digital streaming, application development, and project management.

After graduate studies in film & video production, I engaged with a spectrum of organizations in hospitality, government, and startups delivering technical expertise. The common thread throughout each has been the opportunity to solve unique problems with non-traditional solutions, something my education in arts and technology has afforded.

Consider some of the ventures I’ve had the opportunity to work on, including…

… deploying facial recognition technology that makes time entry easier for over 35,000 employees.
… leading a team charged with rapidly establishing a property management system in 113 locations across North America.
… using massive datasets to develop a cutting-edge human capital management system that reduced organizational turnover by 35%.

My work and experience centers around our perpetual relationship with technology:

How we interact with technology: Voice / UX Design / Intelligent Interfaces
How we develop technology: DataOps & Pipelines / Machine Learning / Microservices
How we deliver technology: Product & Portfolio Management / Continuous Integration / Agile

I’ve had the greatest pleasure working with amazing people and fantastic projects along the way.

I’m currently a Solutions Architecture Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS) leading a team developing strategic guidance for US enterprises. I mentor best practices in building reliable, resilient, and secure environments and marshaling the long-term technology vision for these systems.

Let’s talk about what we can accomplish together.